Women also enjoy having sex just as much as any man

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How are you all? I am almost getting ready to go to my Japanese lessons but just decided to write something brief on my blog before I go.

From the title alone you must be wondering what topic I have up my sleeve this time, right? Earlier today I came across an article about three women who practically kidnapped a man from off the streets and raped him. Many of these articles that I read, I go to the comment section to see what people have to say or what they are thinking. And of course there are nice comments, bad comments, means comments, crazy comments and everything in between. Just like any other comment section. But then I came across another commenter responding to someone and he said something along the lines of “there are some women who’s sex drive is more than normal”… So, what is considered a normal sex drive for a woman?

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Thoughtsoftheday: Some laws and rules were meant to be broken.

Hello, everyone and good evening to you all. Today’s Thoughts of the Day is: It is sometimes okay for us to break certain unjustifiable rules and laws that go against the betterment of people’s lives. Sometimes it is necessary for people to break rules and laws when you know deep down  something is wrong. Even, if the masses are against you and you are standing alone, you would still be willing to fight for what you believe in. Continue reading

WritingRelatedFridays: Women who dress a certain way are “Asking for it”

Hello, everyone! Having a great day? Me, too. 🙂

Apparently, there are some people claiming women who dress a certain way are “asking for it”.  I can never understand this whenever I hear people saying such things. They even have the nerve to say that when it is a young and innocent child being sexual abuse or accosted.

It does not matter whether a woman is fully clothed or not, they still get attacked and it is still her fault. It seems no matter what a woman wears or does it is always going to be her fault for: Continue reading

Women getting killed for simply saying no…

Hola todos! Como estas con ustedes? I am doing alright, just dying from the heat a little. It is so damn humid over here on this side of the world.

Any…way. Today’s post is about how some men still do not seem to understand the meaning of ‘no’ when a woman tries turning them down politely and gently, because that woman ends up later getting shot and killed for it. Continue reading

The portrayal of women in the media

Hello everyone. I hope you liked my last blog post on Monday. The whole thing was a nice experience.

Today is my Opinionated Wednesdays but I would also like to get your take on the matter regarding women who are liable to be portrayed by the media (and society) as valuable and worthy only when they are married and with children. Earlier today I read an article on the Huffington Post written by Jennifer Aniston on her struggles and issues with the media as a married, childless and female celebrity. Basically, she was tired of the media always claiming she was pregnant for the umpteenth time and having everyone later come to congratulate her when it was false news.

She mentioned that after becoming a celebrity for over a decade and seeing the lengths ‘journalists’ would go to get their ‘news’ (code: gossip), she later came to the realisation how the tabloids portray her in the media and women in general. In the media a woman’s worth is almost always based on her weight, marital status and if she is pregnant or not. Not to mention, this is not good for young girls who grow up thinking they will never be good enough because of these types of messages being sent out by the media and accepted by society.

In my personal opinion this is ridiculous. Why should these young girls go through life thinking they are not good enough if they do not have the right size, weight, and height? Why should these young girls feel that the only way they can feel complete and fulfilled is if they are married and with children? Becoming complete and fulfilled has nothing to do with being married and having children, it has to do with your mindset. Some people end up becoming very miserable later on in life because they bent to the pressures of our society to get married and have kids when they did not want to. Even if they do want kids one of these days it is still their decision to make on when they plan on having them.

Anyway, I personally agree with most of her article, no surprise there, lol. As she mentioned in her article it is a woman’s body to decide what she wants to do with it… Even if she is married it is her decision (and body) to decide if she wants to have a child at that that time or not. It is her decision not society’s or the media. Why does it seem that women cannot be left alone instead of being pressured left, right and centre? What are your thoughts?

Equal rights also includes equal slaps.

Hello friends, followers and readers! I am back to posting this nice Wednesday afternoon again.

Today is my Opinionated Wednesdays and I wanted to write a brief blog post about women who feel the need to slap men (and others) if they do get their way. However, once the slap is returned their feelings get hurt. Here is my suggestion to such women who do these sort of things: DO NOT GO AROUND SLAPPING OR HITTING OTHERS IF YOU CANNOT TAKE BACK THE SLAP OR HIT. If you can dish out you should also be able to take it.  Continue reading