🎶I’ll Be Home For Christmas…🎶

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you doing this fine Friday afternoon? As promised on my Instagram page (íf you follow me on Instagram, that is) I have made a blog post of my next travelling adventures as can be seen in the video below. Continue reading

Unapologetically Black

Hey, Hey, Hey Tomodachi’s!

It feels like it has almost been forever since the last time I wrote anything on my blog. I hope you can forgive me for pulling another one of my disappearing acts on you all. I have missed blogging after not blogging for the past three months.

If you follow my Instagram and other social media pages I recently posted on my Instagram page explaining the reasons for my disappear and how I would be back, out and about on my social media pages and blog. And here I am! With a new poem! Continue reading

Failure is not the end of the world!

Hello Tomodachi’s

I decided to make the following video because everyone is so quick to post and publish their success, but no one ever wants to post their failure until after he or she has become successful and decides to make some inspirational or motivational video to inspire the masses. However, I have to ask: “Why”? Failure is just as necessary and essential as the success that follows. Not only for one’s personal growth for the present but also for future growth when you do one day become successful. Continue reading