We shall meet under the sun!

We shall meet under the sunKonnichiha (‘ha’ is pronounced as ‘wa’ in Japanese) my lovely followers and readers! Today is my Writing Related and Summer Vacation Fridays ( though I am no longer on summer vacation anymore) and it is my third day since returning to the Netherlands. I would like to share a poem with you all to mark my leaving Saba. This poem is called We Shall Meet Under the Sun. It is basically making a promise to see my beautiful island and my family and friends residing on Saba again next time, whenever that next time will be. Though it probably will be sooner rather than later.

A good friend of mine who I allowed to read my poem, about almost 2 years ago, said it sounded to her like I was writing a suicide note, lol. 😀 Do not worry. It is not anything like that. I’m still alive, right?! Lol. This is just a poem about a person and friend, who is leaving their loved one(s) behind but yet at the same time promising to someday meet again under the sun, wherever that sun may be shinning. Continue reading