The Perks of Having a Little Sister

Hello everyone. Happy Saturday! My favourite day of the week. Sorry I was unable to make a post yesterday because I was a little tired and fell asleep. So today I’m making up for it with this post. Also, today I have been busy packing my stuff and relocating to a new place and that is my reason for posting late. Sorry for the late post and hope you still enjoy this post nonetheless.

I wanted to post the partial first chapter of a third novel idea I was working on some time back and still am working on. It is about an older teenage sister who hates her adored and coddled little sister. This is because of how much attention her baby sister is showered with and how she is not given any personal space to focus on herself and hang out with her friends etc. because of it. Until her little sister develops an illness that the medical doctors cannot pinpoint what exactly it is and this illness has her frequenting the hospital and on the edge between life and death. I hope you enjoy the first chapter of The Perks of Having a Little Sister. Continue reading