A short video to sum up my summer vacation

Hello! Today is supposed to be my What I do with my life and The things I like Sundays and so to make up for not being able to post the short video of my summer vacation on time last week I will be posting it today instead. After all I do love Saba! No matter how small it may be. It is and forever will be my home. Anyway, I tried making the pictures change according to the beat of the music but with not much success, I know. This is probably not one of my best videos nonetheless this is the first video that I have made in quite some time so I hope you still somewhat like it. Take care and see you next time. Continue reading

My Summer Vacation: Part 1

Hello everyone! Just as promised here is a blog post about my summer vacation during the short time I have been back. Again I have been having problems with my phone. When I’m trying to send photos from my phone to my computer it always gives me problems mostly because of the sucky internet connection and only when it wants to work it works. Below are just a few pictures I took that I still managed to send to my computer.

First arriving on saba Continue reading