Being alone or single does not equate to being lonely!

Hello everyone. Sorry for my long time being away. I took some time off without letting anyone know and went AWOL for quite some time. I deeply apologise for my absence.

Anyway, today I wanted to write a blog post regarding how society has somewhat conditioned us, especially women,  into thinking that we NEED to be in a relationship (or we need a man) or else it means we are lonely and maybe unwanted goods.

Correct me if I am wrong but do you not think society has done a fine job in perpetuating the idea that a woman’s only goals in life is to find a man, get married and have children? Never considering the idea that some of us WANT to be left alone and not date or marry or have children. Oh God forbid, if we enjoy being alone and single it must mean there MUST be something wrong with us or we must be a lesbian. Either one or the other. Because there is NO WAY that a woman can ever enjoy being alone. Continue reading

Historical women stories that are rarely told

Hey there, everyone. How is or was your Wednesday? I am doing well as per usual.

Anyway, I came across a video and article yesterday and I wanted to write a brief post about it today. Why are women in history and even in the present constantly looked down on as lesser than, even though women have made enough contributions to society and our current way of life to deserve a little recognition. Instead their stores and history are swept under the rug or have been put in the back burner compared to their male counterparts. Continue reading