Last week was quite interesting and educational

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you wonderful folks doing? As usual, I am trying my best in whatever life throws at me and dealing with it as it comes. That is how life is. I suppose you all are also doing the exact same thing.

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So many questions, but no answers

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Good afternoon, all you lovely people! I know it has been a while but please bear with me. The last few weeks have not been the best for me. Since returning to my small island after living in the Netherlands for a while, I have been dealing with a lot of ignorance and nonsense. One of these days I will eventually come around to talking about it a little, but for now, I need some more time to stew in my thoughts.

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Last Friday I…

Hey Tomodachi’s,

Are you doing alright this blessed Tuesday. It is blessed Tuesday because every time we are fortunate enough to see another week we are not guaranteed it makes it a blessed day and a blessed week.

By the way, this post was originally made for Monday but since I was not able to post it on time yesterday I am posting it today.

Anyway, last Friday was a fun day if I do say so myself. I spent half of the day cooking a typical Antillian dish known as ‘Okra soup’ and ‘fungi’. I cooked with another (Dutch) Antilian like myself and it was our first attempt at making it. Though it did not come out tasting exactly as how my parents would make it, it was a great and very close first attempt. Not to mention, the way how my parents would make it was slightly different from how they would make it in Bonaire. So, we had a slight butting of heads at first on how to make it but in the end we worked together and everything worked out just fine.

Below are just a few images of the evening spent cooking and eating with friends. I just wanted to share a little something about my life. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you all next time. Take care and have a great day.