Being Too Young vs. Being Experienced

Hello all you wonderful people! This week is Carnival week on Saba! Although it started since last week Saturday the official opening was on Monday. I’m enjoying myself and having fun over here. Are you have quite the awesome time yourself wherever you may be?

Anyway, on Monday I came across a story about two teenage boys that went missing off the Florida coast on Friday. They supposedly were out on their 19 foot boat to go fishing because they were boys who practically grew up in and around water. After two days the boat was found about 67 miles from Florida Ponce de Leon but the boys were not found and even now still remain missing. The reports also suggest that they were heading for Bahamas without their parents consent. So they felt comfortable and confident enough to go fishing on their own without parent supervision. And apparently their parents thought the same as well considering that they defended themselves from critics saying that they were knowledgeable and had enough experienced about the sea/ ocean to be able to be in the water. Well, I guess the two boys were not as knowledgeable and experienced about the sea/ ocean as the parents and others initially thought.

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