Starting Over

Hola my lovely fans! (Joke) Today is my Writing Related Fridays and I just realised that it has really been one month and a week since I last posted anything related to my own writing at all. I’m ashamed, lol… Well, today I’ve decided to post another snippet of a story that I have been working on for the past couple of years now. And, no, it is not the same story that I posted last time. This story I started writing way before I started writing the Forelorn One. Writing Starting Over has been going slowly but surely, but one of these days I shall finish it! And when I do I wonder what I should reward myself with? Maybe a trip to Japan which is something I have been dreaming of doing for quite some time… 😀

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy what I share with you because as I mentioned a month before, I do not really like posting my writing projects on the internet. By the way the first chapter that you see here is not the first pages of my story. I also have two prologues that I did not include here (Sorry). So, do allow me to know what you think of this story by liking and leaving a comment below. It would certainly make me very happy 🙂 So, please enjoy it and take care! Have a great weekend! Continue reading