WritingRelatedFridays: Women who dress a certain way are “Asking for it”

Hello, everyone! Having a great day? Me, too. 🙂

Apparently, there are some people claiming women who dress a certain way are “asking for it”.  I can never understand this whenever I hear people saying such things. They even have the nerve to say that when it is a young and innocent child being sexual abuse or accosted.

It does not matter whether a woman is fully clothed or not, they still get attacked and it is still her fault. It seems no matter what a woman wears or does it is always going to be her fault for: Continue reading

WritingRelatedFridays: A nameless poem by a good friend.

Hello, everyone. It is Friday and the end of another tiring week, once again! Oh, how the times fly…

Today is my Writing Related Fridays and I bring you a poem a good Dutch friend of mine wrote quite some time ago. He is by no means a poet but inspiration blessed him one day and he wrote this poem, that does not even have a title. 😛 Continue reading

Happy first of June and here’s another poem!

Hello, my precious followers and new comers, happy 1st of June! The beginning of a new month, and we all know when Junes comes around what it really means. SUMMER!!! Am I right or am I right?!…I cannot believe it is the already the 1st June and also it is half of the year 2015! Time sure does fly. Furthermore, today makes the first month that I started my blog. So, I am quite glad that I even made it to a month. And that is thanks to many of you who follow me and those who continue to come back to read my blog 😀

Friendless 1

Anyway, I would like to share another poem with you all. A poem that I wrote in early December of last year 2014, called ‘Friend…less’, (and published in my I’m Only Human poetry book). When I wrote this poem it was meant to signify that just because you think someone is your friend does not mean they feel the same way about you and support you and want the best for you. Continue reading

Projects: My Current Works in Progress

Hello Everyone! So far I have three works in progress and they are all novels. I haven’t made a poem since the last poem I made in December, Friend…less, and will not bother to try writing one unless one comes to mind naturally. I have not written any of my own music lyrics in quite a while either. I know of course it was last year but cannot remember exactly when. So it has been quite a while. So I decided trying to focus on my novels since lately I have been getting some more inspiration with those. The novel titles that I am busy working on writing the manuscripts for, are listed below:


1. Starting Over

2. The Forlorn One

3. The Perks of Having a Little Sister

And all three of my novels are of different genres. My intention is to be a Best Selling Author one day. I know it will take time and practice to hone my writing and story-telling skills in order to even dream of becoming a Best Seller, but I shall one day succeed. You all just sit back, wait and see. 😀

My Inspirations


I cannot speak for anyone but myself but I think at times writing and getting inspiration can be a challenge. Especially, when your inspiration does not come regularly but in spurts. I think I already said something about this in one of my earlier posts, but I only write or do anything when I have the right inspirations and I am in that right frame of mind which comes whenever it wants to. But, when it does come it can be either a very short spurt of inspiration or sometimes, which this does not happen very often, it can even overflow. Does anyone else have this challenge when it comes to writing?

Anyway, I have noticed that  when I am taking a shower this is time when my inspiration usually comes. There has been many occasions where I had to rush out of the shower to write down my jumble ideas and words. Actually, it even happened just yesterday where I received inspiration to write about a certain event that occurs in the second novel I am writing, The Forlorn One. And I stayed up until after 4 a.m. getting all my thoughts together and typing it all down. Of course it does not happen all of the time but it have happened so very often that I am lead to believe this.

My guess is ( and this is only my guess) but I am more susceptible to ideas and inspiration because during this time is when I am the most relaxed. The one thing I enjoy more than food and sleeping is taking a shower. And therefore, I am more open during those times. Though it may seem really weird to say that I get most of my inspiration while I am taking a shower, it is what it is, lol. Or maybe it’s not so weird. Please tell me your thoughts. I think it would be really interesting to know how and when others get their inspirations as well. Would you mind sharing?