Do not forget about my birthday book giveaway!

Hello and good day to you Tomodachi’s,

Just wanted to remind you all that my birthday book giveaway for my favourite comment or message saying happy birthday is still ongoing. Your comment could be a poem, a sentence, a short story, a video or whatever you wish it to be.

This giveaway will continue until Saturday March 24th and the next week I will name the two winners who won and send them a copy of their choice one of my published books.

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Happy very belated anniversary to me on my second published book!

Hello Tomodachi’s

How are you wonderful people doing this freezing winter cold Friday? I do not know if it is also ridiculously cold on your side of the world but on my side I am freezing my bunions off at the moment.

Anyway, though it has been a while since I last posted, I just wanted to briefly share with you all that a few days ago I realised that on the February 15th it made a year since I published my children’s picture book, Baby Toucan. I had totally forgotten about that until I received an email from my publishers congratulating me about it.

Well, thank you Xlibris for the reminder but you happen to be a little over two week late. 😂

Though the year passed so quickly that I feel like I am getting whiplash from how quickly it has gone, I am still grateful that I was able to publish my book and get to see another year.

Baby Toucan Book Giveaway

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing this blessed Monday evening? Today I will be sharing with you all a video regarding a book giveaway that I am hosting for my Baby Toucan picture book.

As I mentioned many times on my blog, before and leading up to the publication of my book, this picture book talks about adoption. The first story is told from Mama and Papa Toucan’s perspective and will later be told from Baby Toucan’s perspective as the story continues since this will be a book series of about 7 books. Continue reading

When there’s a will there’s always way!

Hello, folks. How are you? Although, I can imagine a lot of you are not happy and are very disappointed in the presidential election of the United States I hope you are still doing okay.

And sorry for being away for a while. I apologise. Usually, I like to write my blog posts at least a day or two ahead of the day I am supposed to publish them but for the past few weeks or so it has not really been possible.

Anyway, on Tuesday I posted on my Instagram and Facebook page (if you follow me on social media) that there was a written piece about me and my upcoming children’s picture book, Baby Toucan, in the Daily Herald newspaper.

I was quite ecstatic about it because it was my first time being in the newspaper. Especially, considering all that I do for the publications of my work and the costs that go into doing it takes a lot out of you sometimes. And not to mention I am basically doing this all on my own [initiative]. So it felt nice having some of my hard work recognised. Even though what you know and see is just the tip of the iceberg. A lot goes into writing and making a book. More than anyone can imagine.

Anyway, you can read the piece below and if you are interested in buying the picture book (for children between the ages of 4 – 8) then send me an e-mail on my new e-mail address: Take care and have a great day. See you all next time.


New Project in Progress


Hello everyone! Today is my Writing Related/ Summer Vacation Fridays. I will not be writing much today, but I would like to mention that I am planning on publishing another book. But this time it will be a children’s picture book.

I already have made up a concept that I want to follow and I want to make it into a short series following six themes. So keep a look out for it in the near future. I will not give anymore away than I already have. This is probably the shortest blog post I have ever made but TGIF and hope you all enjoy your weekend. Have a great day and see you all next time.