Much condolences to the LGBT community

Hey all! For the past few days I have come been down with the cold and was pretty much sick like a dog that I could barely get out of bed. However, today I’m feeling a lot better, (Thank Goodness!) compared to the other days although I still have a constant cough that has made my throat feel raw.

Anyway, on Tuesday I was just browsing through my Twitter news feed on my kindle and saw the news of what happened in Orlando. My condolences goes out to the LGBT community, even though there are fools like Donald Trump and others who think otherwise and tries to disregard that by saying it is a terrorist attack.Talk about calling the sky pink when in fact it’s blue… They will do anything to push their own agenda and promote Islamophobia as much as they can. How many times have other religions have bludgeoned, shunned or injured/ wounded LGBT people for the sake of their faith and God or because they just do not like them for their sexuality? But yet we choose to focus on the fact that the shooter this time was probably a Muslim or has connections  to ISIS. Hah, how predictable is that! Continue reading