Muslims vs The West? Or just propaganda.

Hello everyone. How are you? Another week and I bring you another opinionated post.

*Although late* In response to the attack that occurred in Belgium last week I  want to send out my condolences to all of the family and friends of the victims that unfortunately got caught in the blast. I would also like to send out prayers to the family and friends of the 14 women and 2 girls who were abducted by the Boko Haram in Nigeria also last week. I would also like to send my condolences to the 86 Nigerians that were burned alive by the Boko Haram (many whom were children) in late January. As well as the many other Muslim victims killed in these senseless violence but unfortunately did not make in the news because they did not fit in with the media’s Muslims vs. West theme and propaganda. And it is amazing how many of the people are so easily swallowing this propaganda with not so much as questioning what they are ingesting.
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Hypocrisy at its Best

Hello everyone! How are you all? I do hope fine. I am doing well. I just cannot take the hypocrisy of this world. Are you wondering hat I am talking about?

Well, as I can imagine everyone, all over the world, is aware of the infamous Paris attack that occurred in the evening of last week Friday. It is quite a tragedy and I am sad for the innocent people that died that day and their loved ones that were left behind after their deaths because of some despicable individuals and ISIS. No person deserves to be killed in that manner no matter if it were in Paris or if it were in an other country.

Furthermore, since the attack, every newspaper and news station have been doing daily broad-castings on the happenings in France. Facebook even got involved by allowing people to show their support by (temporarily) implementing a function to change one’s profile picture to the French flag. Continue reading

Cecil the hunted lion and the burned Palestinian baby

Cecil-the-Lion-640x640Hello, everyone! Today is my Opinion Wednesdays and today I will be talking about the 13 year old Zimbabwean African Lion the was lured out of it’s home, the Zimbabwean National Park, and killed making it into international news; and the not so talked about news about the Palestinian baby who was burned alive by Israeli leaders. Continue reading