Music makes my heart soar!

Hello, Tomodachi’s!

I have not been posting as often as I used to for a while now and I am sorry for that. I will try my very best to post at least once (or MAYBE even twice) a week from now on.

Anyway, in this blog post, I wanted to talk about something different since my last blog post was of me rambling and ranting. Here is something a bit happier.

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G-Dragon, leader of the Big Bang, will be coming to Amsterdam!

Hello Tomodachi’s,

It has been a while since my last post. How are you wonderful people doing? I am doing alright. Just trying to do everything to the best of my abilities as always.

Anyway, last week I received some great news on my Facebook news feed. I saw that G-Dragon, the leader of the well known K-Pop boy band Big Bang, is comi to Amsterfam.

I am quite happy about it except for the price tag that came with the ticket (depending on the chosen seats). I wanted to have a somewhat good seating and had to pay the price for it, but oh well. At least I will be seeing  a concert of a singer I really want to see compared to all the two concerts I ever been to in my life. So, nonetheless, I am still glad.

Although it has been quite a while, here is another poem.

Konnichiwa Tomodachi’s,

How are you all? are you melting as much as I am in this heat?! Today is ridiculously HOT!!! I AM PRACTICALLY DYING! I do appreciate the warmer weather and do not want to seem ungrateful especially considering how cold it was in the winter… but DAMN! This sweltering heat is seriously drying me out! Continue reading

Some people are upset that BTS won the Billboard Music Awards

If you are as much into music as the next person, you may have heard of the K-pop boy band, BTS, taking the Billboard Music Award home.  As proud as I am about them winning, even though I am not a major fan but still a fan nonetheless (of Korean music), there were some who was not as thrilled. These displeased people then decide to go to social media in order to insult the band by making racists as well as other negative comments about the Korean boy band generalising them as ‘Asians’. Yes, they are Asians but not all Asians are the same or even look the same. OPEN YOUR MIND PEOPLE!  Continue reading

Being invited to Vangelis’ new music video release ‘Voor Ons’

Hello, Tomodachi’s,

How are you all? Today’s post I am going to talk about how I was invited by my singer-songwriter friend, Vangelis Sopamena, for the viewing of his new music video ‘Voor Ons’. The viewing was held on Thursday evening in Rotterdam at a cosy gay bar called the FERRY. The starting time of the event had begun at 8 pm, however, due to me being a little late I was unable to see the spoken word opening act to which I regret considering I am also a poet and a writer. Continue reading