Happy International Women’s Day!

Hey, Tomodachi’s!

Good day to you all, this fine Friday afternoon and Happy International Women’s Day! I hope you are all doing well.

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Another Maya Angelou poem that’s a favourite of mine.

Hello All. How is everyone? Some time back I wrote a post about Maya Angelou being one of my favourite poets even though to be honest I know only but a few poets. That time I posted a poem from Maya Angelou called ‘Phenomenal Woman’ which is a personal favourite of mine.
Today I just wanted to share another of her poems that is also a favourite of mine. This is because some of the poems that Maya Angelou wrote I can somewhat relate to on a personal level if I may say so. Not to mention they are both confident and sassy but at the same time mellow. I especially like poems like that.

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A Phenomenal Woman

Konnichiha minna! Today is my Writing Related Fridays and I would like to share with you one of my favourite poems written by Maya Angelou herself. Though she is no longer with us, she will forever live in our hearts through her poetry. I aspire to be somewhat like her ,where one day my poetry can also be just as inspiring and great as hers were.

She was and continues to be a phenomenal woman to this day. Something I strive for every day. I hope you all had a great week and I will see you all next time. Take care! 🙂 Continue reading