Writer’s block can be quite annoying

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Are you doing well? Today I will be talking about every writer’s dreadful encounter known as the writer’s block. I, of course, have experienced my share of writer’s block which usually is not pretty. For writers, it is not a nice feeling at all when you feel all your creativity has dried up. During those times I can imagine most writers (like myself) feel lost and do not know what to do with themselves.

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Lost at Sea.

Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday again and another eek of my Opinion Wednesdays. We are also halfway through the week again, thank Goodness! I can do with some more sleep 😛

Anyway, I wanted to  ask how many of you have heard of the man who was lost at seas for 14 months? I came across a news article some weeks back that talked about a man called José Salvador Alvarenga, who disappeared off the coast of Mexico after going to fish with one other companion, on his small fishing boat. Then weather turned for the worse. I am not sure how he withstood being alone for so long without going half crazy, but he did. This guy had drifted on his boat for 438 days while catching birds, fish and turtles with his bare hands and eating them raw. Continue reading