Life is a beautiful thing

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! I hope you are enjoying the remainder of your day.

I just wanted to briefly say that despite everything that life hands to us, whether it’s good or bad, life is still beautiful. That is why when our lives are threatened we try our damnedest to try and cling on to life even if there were just but a glimmer of hope.

That is what I thought as I wrote this poem. So next time you feel time you feel down or out of touch please remember this poem. Have a great day everyone and much love. Continue reading

Spring’s First Intermission

Hey there everyone! Happy Friday! Just came from speaking with some crazy friends of mine on Skype. Do you have any plans for over the weekend? I do not have so much of a plan but instead I am going to try studying and continuing to write my thesis.

Since it is March and Spring is just practically around the corner I wanted to write a blog post related to that. Lately I have been seeing a lot of signs of the the Spring season and I wanted to post a poem I wrote a while back about (my first) Spring in the Netherlands. This poem (as you probably can tell) can be found in my published poetry book I’m Only Human which you can buy on Amazon, Kobobooks, Barnes and Noble and etc. I hope you like it and have a nice day. Continue reading

The girl who wanted to be white…

Hey there. It’s finally Friday (well almost early Saturday morning)! Hurray! Well, anyway… Though the year had just started is pretty much already mid-February. Time flies! No kidding. Before we turn around and blink it will be the end of the year again. Gosh!

Anyway, I can imagine that almost everyone knows that the month of February is Black History Month, right?  Today is my Writing Related Fridays and I wanted to share a poem to commemorate that, although it ends somewhat sadly. I believe it also resonates well with my post from yesterday where I wrote that black people should also be proud of their blackness. You have nothing to be ashamed about. You were (and all humans were) made beautifully regardless of what anyone else says and we should stand proud. Continue reading

Today marks my 1st year Anniversary!…

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!! 😀 How was everyone’s week? Yet another week that just flew by so quickly without a second glance.

I have to say I am especially happy today. Do you perhaps know what it is that is making me happy? Can you guess? No it’s not because it’s Friday. Though, that’s also part of the reason. Well,… today, January 8th, makes exactly a year since I published my first mini poetry book I’m Only Human!! So my book has been out on the market for a year already! Oh my, how time flies! So, now you know why I’m so happy (>///<) just like these minions.


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Happy New Year! And may your dreams come true this year!

Hello, everyone TGIF! It seriously feels like the weeks are going by in no time. It´s almost scary…

Anyway, I wish for all of you out there to live well and dream big because that´s what I´ll certainly be doing this coming year. Regardless of what happens this year I will still strive to better myself and continue dreaming and trying to reach my goals.

So dare to dream! And while you are at it dream big. Life is too short to be standing still . Life is too precious to not have dreams. Make your own dreams come true and don´t depend on others to make your dreams a reality. Just as you should not depend on others to make you happy. You should start by making yourself happy first and realise your dreams and have the motivation to back it up!

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Merry Christmas everyone and here’s a poem from me to you…

Hello everyone. It is Friday again and also Christmas. I hope you are enjoying your day to the fullest today! My day has been quietly hanging out and relaxing with family while eating and watching movies on the television, lol. I also spoke with my parents on Skype for the first time during the holiday season since coming to the Netherlands because we always spoke on the phone. So, it was nice being able to see them this time around. 🙂

I just wanted to say that though the year 2015 may have not been the best year for everyone, life is still as beautiful at the end of the day because of the simple fact that we are alive to see it and get the chance to hopefully see a better tomorrow.   Continue reading