Please sign the petition and help the Jarawa people!

Konnichiwa Tomodachi’s!

How are you all doing today? Although I took a very short break from posting, it is nice to be back! Today’s post will be short and sweet but about something that I thought would be a good cause.  Continue reading

Women’s (social) rights have come a long way.

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing today? I am doing alright. Today is just another hot day in the Netherlands, which is something I am not quite used to experiencing over here. It is ridiculous how hot and humid it can get over here!

Yesterday, I came across an anime, Taishou YakyuuMusume, which was basically about a small group of female girls who wanted to start a baseball club and play baseball at their school. Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? Wrong! Continue reading

This is such an amazing poem!

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How have you all been this past week? Another week passes again and before we can even blink we will be in July. Heck, before we know it it will already be the end of the year. And to think that the year we began not so long ago is already almost halfway through. It is crazy how quickly the time is flying!  Continue reading

There is no progress without change.

Hello, everyone. How is everyone doing this nice Wednesday evening? Although, I am still sick with the flu I am doing much better today.

Today’s Thoughts of the Day blog post will be about knowing and deciding when to make changes in your life in order to progress. Everyone should already know by now that without change and without stepping out of one’s comfort zones you will never be pushed to your limits and you will never realise your true potential.  Continue reading