WritingRelatedFridays: An inspirational quote (tip) for aspiring writers

Hello, everyone and good evening to you all. My Writing Related Fridays post is going to be especially short today. I just wanted to place this quote here for all my aspiring fellow poets, writers and bloggers out there. Read the quote below and please let it sink in:

“Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.”
– Barbara Kingsolver 

Even as a writer, I must keep this in mind as well. I believe that this is because once you try to figure out what you think someone might want to hear, you lose your originality and what makes you different from the rest.

Honestly, anyone can become a writer. It greatly depends on how much is their desire to write and what you have to offer.


WritingRelatedFridays: A nameless poem by a good friend.

Hello, everyone. It is Friday and the end of another tiring week, once again! Oh, how the times fly…

Today is my Writing Related Fridays and I bring you a poem a good Dutch friend of mine wrote quite some time ago. He is by no means a poet but inspiration blessed him one day and he wrote this poem, that does not even have a title. 😛 Continue reading

Don’t be jealous. Be proud of your own achievements!

Hello, and good evening. With today’s post I wanted to talk a little bit about jealousy, envy and insecurities.

If I may be so bold to say, we humans have all, at one point in our lives, gotten jealous over someone. I admit that yes, even I, have gotten envious and jealous. After all, I’m only human. Right?

For example, in the past (and even now) whenever I tried my best to achieve something, it would always end up being average or below my expectations. And others would accomplish their goals without much trouble and effort whatsoever. Whenever I would think about it, I would become so frustrated! It felt so unfair. Many times I thought about giving up.

As a child, my parents always told me not to be jealous of others, because I did not know what they had to go through, to get what they have. I have to remind myself even now that everyone’s progress in their respective careers and journey through life, will be different.

So, next time you feel like cursing someone on their achievements, STOP. And congratulate them. They deserve whatever blessing that comes their way. One day yours will come, too. Furthermore, logically speaking, if that person was facing ruin, would you be jealous of them, too?


We must always remember that every person experiences jealousy and have their own insecurities. Some more than others. Those who seem to have it all, have more insecurities than anyone else can ever imagine. They are just better at hiding theirs than others.


Moreover, if I sit down and think about what all I have achieved until now, I can certainly say, I have come a long way. I should not be jealous of anyone because my achievements are no small feat either. Though, my achievements may be small, it does not make them any less amazing. Every small achievement will gradually lead to where you need to be.

Instead of being jealous and worrying about someone else’s quick achievements, believe that YOU are awesome and YOU will be AWESOME!


Anyway, my blog post has now come to an end and I would like to know  what you all think? Do you think what I say holds some truth or do you have something more to add? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I would be happy to hear your thoughts.



I wrote my first Haiku!… I think

Hello, everyone and good afternoon to you all! I hope you are as happy as I am right now.  I am especially happy today because I had more people commenting on my posts than ever before. It was a nice feeling to see what others were thinking and seeing them express their experiences. Thank you all for your comments. You surely made my day. Continue reading

Another Poetry and Music

Hello, everyone. I bring you another Sound Cloud poetry reading I like to call Poetry and Music. I posted my first Poetry and Music reading about three to four weeks ago and thought it has been long enough for me to do another reading.

Although the poem I am reading, Friend…less, has already been posted on my blog some time ago, I decided to do a reading alongside music that I thought best fit with my poem. This poem can also be found in my published poetry book, I’m Only Human. I hope you liked it and I will see you all again next time. Take care.