I’ve finally made 50!

Konnichiwa minnaaaaa! Hello my wonderful followers and readers. TGIF! Did you enjoy your week? Do you have plans for the weekend? I am doing fine as usual. I am a very simple person. I do not need much. Just food. I love to eat, lol!

Thank you so much for following me and sticking with me until now. I know I can be somewhat very last minute, I can sometimes be unreliable and spontaneous, but you have all stuck around even with all my quirks. So, that must mean that most or even some of you like what I have written thus far. Thank you so much for sticking around and I will be looking forward to still having you around in the future! 😀

I finally made 50 (Well actually 53 but…) and I do not mean in age. That would be another 25 years before I hit the big 5 0. Continue reading