The woes of some girls and women

obstaclesHello everyone. Is everyone doing well this fine day? I, unfortunately, am not having the best of days like I usually do. I am a bit in a foul mood today but I will not let it get in the way of me getting through the rest of the day. Anyway, today is my Opinion Wednesdays and I would like to briefly discuss a few things, I believe, that some girls and women have experienced while growing up just because of the simple fact that they were born female.

There were many things people would tell us females we should do, say or act in order be seen as more feminine. And not acting in this certain way meant you disappointed some people and their beliefs. But who really cares? Now, I will list 9 things some girls and women alike experience during some points in their lives that men usually don’t. Continue reading

What does gender equality mean to you?

Sorry guys. Though up until now I refused to post controversial topics on my blog and tried to keep it happy and encouraging but today is a little different. I apologise for this post in advance for it will be a little on the serious side today. Some of you may agree with me and others may not. Some of my followers may continue to follow me and I may end up losing followers. And also I might end up getting some hate mail. Who knows? But I need to get this off of my chest.

Free the nipple campaignsA few days ago I came across an article about another ‘campaign’ with regards to #FreeingTheNipple where every picture of a female who is bare-chested places the nipples of their male counterpart over her own. Do you know where this is going? (Sigh) Continue reading