The Dutch tradition: Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet

Hello Everyone! I have been away for almost 2 weeks which seems like a long time but I am back again!! Did you miss me? 🙂

As you can probably already guess I have fixed the problem plaguing my computer and I am back to my regular twice a week postings (three postings every other week).

Today is Wednesday and you may already know what that means. It is my Opinion Wednesdays where I will  usually write my opinion on whichever topic piques my curiousity or interest at the time. Today I will be talking a little about Sinterklaas en de Zwarte Pieten (Saint Nick and the Black Petes) that is celebrated here in the Netherlands.  Now, take note: I am not trying to bash or insult anyone’s culture, tradition or anything of the sort. I am only stating my opinion and how I feel about it and that is all. Continue reading

I love listening to anime opening/ ending theme songs!

Hello everyone! Did you have a good weekend? I enjoyed it by resting my tired body despite still being a ‘spring chicken’ as some of the older folks might say. Even though I am still in my mid-twenties I can already feel in my body that I am no longer very young and flexible as I used to be as a young teenager. It’s so sad 😦

Anyway… I decided on my own (I’m sorry my  blog followers for sometimes being such a fickle and spontaneous person) that I would write a blog post every other Sunday (at least try to) instead of every Sunday since I am not doing a good job as it is posting every Sunday. Today is Sunday and if you guessed that today’s post is related to things that I like and love/ what I’m doing with my life, then you’ve guessed right.

Anyway, today I wanted to mention that I have gotten into the habit of listening to (Japanese) anime opening and ending theme songs. If you are familiar with an anime otaku (nerd), or if you are one yourself, then you would know what I am talking about. Somewhere along the line with your obsession or interest with anime you will get into the habit of liking the anime theme opening and ending songs. As you watch your favourite anime you would then decide to download the song on your computer or save the song on your playlist on your phone  so you will be able to listen to it wherever you go. I have been into anime for quite a long time and the more I started to love anime and my obsession grew, I also started to download the theme songs and listened to them when I had nothing better to do. Continue reading

Today is Saba Day!

Hello everyone! TGIF. I hope you are having a great Friday wherever part of the world you may be. Today is going to be a little short and brief. I just wanted to say that today is my island’s national holiday although the day is almost over on this side of the world.

Every first Friday of December we Sabans celebrate Saba Day. It is our holiday and we have the day off, although I didn’t because I am living in the Netherlands and also was at my internship at Spotzer Media today. 😥

Not to mention in the past on Saba Day, other Sabans also living in the Netherlands would come and celebrate it together, but not this year. It was a little sad, but well, at least I went to a Japanese restaurant (went to Wagamama again 🙂 ) and ate some delicious food to commemorate the occasion.  Continue reading

I am a DC Pearls Nominee!

Hello everyone! Although, it is no longer Friday, I would like to share some news with you, my blog followers and readers. I have been nominated for the Dutch Caribbean Pearls an event organised for Dutch Caribbean students or professionals who have achieved something while living in the Netherlands after leaving our homes in the Caribbean.

There are 7 Categories and they are: 1. Student, 2. Literature and Arts, 3. Music and Entertainment, 4. Science, 5. Sports, 6. Entrepreneurship, and 7. Socially. I was nominated in the category of Literature and Arts because I published my first mini- (poetry) book, I’m Only Human, earlier this year and that is seen as an achievement as a young adult coming from the Dutch islands. Continue reading

The world has become such a superficial and fickle place…

Hello everyone. How is everyone today? I am doing alright. I do not have much of anything to complain about. The last half of today I finally started my first day of my placement for my final year of college at a company called Spotzer Media. I will be their Social Media Intern until the next six months. I had school in the morning and later caught the train and went directly to my job from two until a little after 5.30 pm. I’ll be working Thursday and Friday as well and trying to finish some of my assignments. So my work is sort of cut out for me. We’ll see how everything goes.

Anyway, today is my Opinion Wednesdays and I wanted to talk about a video I saw on Facebook of Cristiano Ronaldo being dressed as a homeless man while playing soccer in the streets of Barcelona. Please watch the video below. Continue reading

I am in LOVE with Japanese anime!

Hello, all of you lovely people! Did you enjoy your weekend? Are you ready for the start of a brand new week? Today is my What I love/ What I do with my life Sundays. Today I would like to talk about my love for Japanese anime. Yes, I am an Otaku as the Japanese call it, known as nerd. Although to the Japanese it is considered an insult for us anime lovers in the Western countries it is a very proud fact!

To be honest when I was younger, like around 9 or 10 years old, I have always liked watching anime although at the time I was not aware it was Japanese anime until much, much later on. However, I just watched anime in those times because they were comedic and entertaining, not that it was an obsession.

Continue reading