The Thought Pun

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing? I guess it will be a great week this week. I was able to finally write another poem again in no time.

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Cancelled again…

Hello Tomodachi’s,

TGIF everyone! How are you this Friday afternoon? Some of you may be probably jumping for joy that you do not need to work for the weekends. People like me however, curse our luck to have jobs that require you to still work on the weekends. Although, to be honest I chose this job myself. 🤔😂

Anyway, for those few people who still follow my blog and is interested in my poetry and writing, I have decided to cancel my poetry night I was thinking on doing January 28, until further notice. There are some things that are going on that I need to focus on and prioritise right now and the poetry night event is just not one of them. So until I get my S***t together I will let you know when I will try to host the poetry night.

So, I appologise for all the changing and cancelling I have been doing until now but please be patient with me. Until further notice, I hope you all take care and have a great day.

The Forlorn One

Hello my lovely fellow bloggers, followers and readers. Today is my Writing Related Fridays and so I would like to share with you just a piece of writing taken from one of the novels I have been writing for a while now called the Forlorn One. It probably needs some tuning and tweaking before it becomes the perfect final product but oh well… I hope you like what I am about to share with you because sharing my novel writing is something I rarely do. So please enjoy and feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions below.

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