Don’t Forget to Tune into Chocolate City Online Radio!

Hallo iedereen! I hope you all are doing well. Though the weekend seem to always pass by in a breeze that you never truly get to enjoy it but at least it is better than nothing, right?

Anyway, I just wanted to remind you all about tomorrow. Monday, the 2nd of November, is the day I will be on air at Chocolate City Radio starting at 9 PM in order to talk about being nominated for the DC Pearls nomination that will take place on Saturday evening. It will last for only 30 minutes, so make sure that you don’t miss it. So please visit the website at Stanvaste Radio or Tune In. Also, don’t forget to go and vote for me, Angie Ignacio, at DC Pearls.   

I am a DC Pearls Nominee!

Hello everyone! Although, it is no longer Friday, I would like to share some news with you, my blog followers and readers. I have been nominated for the Dutch Caribbean Pearls an event organised for Dutch Caribbean students or professionals who have achieved something while living in the Netherlands after leaving our homes in the Caribbean.

There are 7 Categories and they are: 1. Student, 2. Literature and Arts, 3. Music and Entertainment, 4. Science, 5. Sports, 6. Entrepreneurship, and 7. Socially. I was nominated in the category of Literature and Arts because I published my first mini- (poetry) book, I’m Only Human, earlier this year and that is seen as an achievement as a young adult coming from the Dutch islands. Continue reading

New Project in Progress


Hello everyone! Today is my Writing Related/ Summer Vacation Fridays. I will not be writing much today, but I would like to mention that I am planning on publishing another book. But this time it will be a children’s picture book.

I already have made up a concept that I want to follow and I want to make it into a short series following six themes. So keep a look out for it in the near future. I will not give anymore away than I already have. This is probably the shortest blog post I have ever made but TGIF and hope you all enjoy your weekend. Have a great day and see you all next time.

It’s been one month since I have returned home

mango treeHello, ohayo, buenos dias, bon dia, bonjour, goedemorgen! How is everyone? Are you all doing well? I am fine as always 😛

I just got back home a couple hours ago from Jouvert Morning which usually starts at four in the morning, but I left home a little later and it stopped at around 7.30 am. I mentioned on Wednesday that this whole week has been Carnival week and it is almost coming to a close where Saturday and Sunday is the final parades where people dress up in costumes and dance around the capital, The Bottom.

Anyway, I wanted to make a blog post yesterday but due to the internet not working properly I was unable to post a anything, so I’ll be doing that today. Today is the 1st of August and it has been a month and a few days since I returned home on vacation. Continue reading

My Summer Vacation: Part 1

Hello everyone! Just as promised here is a blog post about my summer vacation during the short time I have been back. Again I have been having problems with my phone. When I’m trying to send photos from my phone to my computer it always gives me problems mostly because of the sucky internet connection and only when it wants to work it works. Below are just a few pictures I took that I still managed to send to my computer.

First arriving on saba Continue reading