WritingRelatedFridays: Being told to ‘Man up’

Heyyyy, all you lovely people. How are you doing? I am doing quite well actually. I am just getting used to my au pair job. It has been about a week since I officially started working as the family’s au pair. Sometimes it can be both fun and frustrating at the same time. Oh well… Continue reading

‘A Good Day’ by Kait Rokowski

Hello everyone… TGIF! How are you all this nice Saturday evening? I enjoyed it watching anime as per usual 😛

Anyway, I apologise for not posting yesterday so I’ll try to making up for it today. Today I am posting a poem I came across and found very interesting and heartfelt. The poem is called ‘A Good Day’ and was written by poet Kait Rokowski. She read this poem during a Button Poetry reading. Continue reading