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Hello Tomodachi šŸ‘‹

How are you all doing this fine Wednesday afternoon? Summer is practically over and everyone is getting on with their lives and doing their own thing while I am still trying to figure out what to do with myself and my life. I sometimes wish life came with a “How to” guidebook on how to manoeuvre through a life that is always unexpected, miserable but at the same time also beautiful.

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How can someone be this stupid!?

Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday! Almost the end of the week! Half way there anyway! How are you all? I am doing alright. I have been watching an anime (Noragami Aragoto) for a few hours today because I have not been watching anime back to back to back to backĀ forĀ quite some time. That is because I have gotten more into reading manga (Japanese comics). I should probably get back into it since it has been a while.

Anyway, today I would like to talk about a news story I came across just yesterday. It isĀ about a woman who had won 188 Million dollars Ā (88 Million after taxes. That’s kind of a rip off! How does the tax office get more money than the winner? Did they help pay for the ticket? I don’t think so! *rolls eyes*) playing Powerball last year and what she does with the money is what you probably would not expect from someone who has won that amount of money. Do you know what she does? Take a guess? She blows it off onĀ bailing out her good-for-nothing live in boyfriend out of jail. Not to mention every time she bails him out the price of the bail doubles in amount. Continue reading