The armless man & the blind man

Hello there. Today is yet another Wednesday and yet another week of my Opinion Wednesdays. This Wednesday I would like to discuss something I came across some weeks back that really interested me. What interested me was a story about two Chinese men, a blind man and an armless man, that overcame the odds and planted over 10,000 trees together considering their situation.

I was amazed! Jia Wenki and Jia Hexia took their unfortunate situation and made it possible to survive by depending on one another where the other lacked. How often do you see things like this? Not that often. In this modern world where most people only care about themselves (and immediate family sometimes) or are too ‘busy’ to give another person the time of day or are too busy complaining and blaming others for their unfortunate situation. It is just simply amazing. Not to mention they have been doing this for the past 13 years is also incredible  to believe. Continue reading