Some Blooper Fun!

Hello everyone! I decided that I wanted to make a blooper video since I had enough failed attempts to make one, and thought it would be fun.  I hope you like it, if even a little. I am not that much of an impressive video editor so please excuse my amateurish video editing skills, lol. I shall get better as time goes on.

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Happy (belated) birthday to my mother!

Hello everyone! I wanted to get this out earlier because this time was my mother’s birthday, June 16, but due to technical difficulties again I am posting it later then expected. My mother made 57 years old and so like I did for my father I also wanted to dedicate a video to her as well.I spoke to my mother yesterday on the phone and she was going all out inviting a lot people over to celebrate it with her at home. So I am happy she is enjoying herself.

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