It has already been two years…

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Earlier today a thought crossed my mind and I realised that January 8 (although the date has already passed) made two years that I became a published author to my first poetry book, I’m Only Human. Then I thought “Damn! Time sure does fly.” The saying ‘Time waits for no one’ is very true indeed. I wish time could slow down just a little. It is going way too fast. My gosh! Continue reading

When there’s a will there’s always way!

Hello, folks. How are you? Although, I can imagine a lot of you are not happy and are very disappointed in the presidential election of the United States I hope you are still doing okay.

And sorry for being away for a while. I apologise. Usually, I like to write my blog posts at least a day or two ahead of the day I am supposed to publish them but for the past few weeks or so it has not really been possible.

Anyway, on Tuesday I posted on my Instagram and Facebook page (if you follow me on social media) that there was a written piece about me and my upcoming children’s picture book, Baby Toucan, in the Daily Herald newspaper.

I was quite ecstatic about it because it was my first time being in the newspaper. Especially, considering all that I do for the publications of my work and the costs that go into doing it takes a lot out of you sometimes. And not to mention I am basically doing this all on my own [initiative]. So it felt nice having some of my hard work recognised. Even though what you know and see is just the tip of the iceberg. A lot goes into writing and making a book. More than anyone can imagine.

Anyway, you can read the piece below and if you are interested in buying the picture book (for children between the ages of 4 – 8) then send me an e-mail on my new e-mail address: Take care and have a great day. See you all next time.