How the west continues to rape Africa of her resources

Hey Tomodachi’s,

I was looking through Facebook memories of posts I have posted years ago and I came across this TedTalks where a woman was talking about her country, Africa and I just had to repost it again on my Facebook page.

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Woman saved thanks to hitmen’s principles

Hello everyone. Good evening. How was your Wednesday? Oh, by the way happy belated Women’s Day to all you fine women out there. 😉 Hope you all spent it well.

Anyway, some weeks ago I came across a BBC news article about an African woman who now lives in Australia, whose life was spared thanks to the hitmen’s morals. I became quite curious after reading a headline like that.

Apparently, the story goes that this woman returned to her motherland, Africa, because her mother passed away. While she was in her hotel room talking to her husband he suggested for her to take some fresh air outside to calm her nerves because she was still shaken up about her mother’s passing. And then as she did so the hitmen were  waiting right outside her door, covered her head and took her in their car to their hideout. Read the full story to get further details. Continue reading