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Hey, Hey, Hey Tomodachi’s!

It feels like it has almost been forever since the last time I wrote anything on my blog. I hope you can forgive me for pulling another one of my disappearing acts on you all. I have missed blogging after not blogging for the past three months.

If you follow my Instagram and other social media pages I recently posted on my Instagram page explaining the reasons for my disappear and how I would be back, out and about on my social media pages and blog. And here I am! With a new poem! Continue reading

How often does a writer need to write to be considered a ‘serious writer’?

Hello Tomodachi’s,

It seems, every time I post on my blog I do it so sporadically. I am not doing it on purpose, I swear! It is just sometimes I have trouble coming up with a good topic to write about. So in order not to bore my readers, I end up not writing at all. I would rather write about something a little interesting or share something that I actually enjoy with my audience instead of writing something for the sake of writing. In my opinion, it is far worse than not writing anything at all, when there is no topic to speak of. Do you not agree?

Anyway, I have been keeping myself locked away in my mind for quite some time now, and have been thinking a little about my writing hobby and writing career. Basically my writing future. I have been wondering how many times a writer must write to be considered a dedicated, serious and good writer? I have heard of writers who write almost every second of every day. I have heard of writers who write a page or two per day to keep up their craft. I have heard of some who write every other day. And I have even heard of those who write as sporadically as I do. However, the million dollar question is: when is it considered overdoing it and when is it considered being too lax when writing is concerned?


I am aware that everyone is different and everyone does things differently, but what is considered a good balance for writing? I always wondered about these kinds of questions? Am I not a good and serious writer if I do not put pen to paper at least once every day or every other day? Granted, I am mostly writing as a hobby, but it does not make me any less serious than a writer who writes every day of his or her life, does it? I would really like to hear your opinions on this.

Hey, You, Young Women of the World!

Hello again Tomodachi’s,

Apologies, apologies, apologies. Though this blog post is coming MUCH later (a day later in fact) than I was expecting to post it, but as promised, here it is. On my Monday’s blog post I spoke about me presenting a spoken word poem on stage at the Hostel Rooms on Sunday evening. The poem is called Hey, You, Young Women of the World. When you read the poem below you will be able to interpret the poem the way you want to interpret it. It is alright to debate on what it means to you or how you interpreted it. Continue reading

Avoiding to provide proper education because of taboos only breeds ignorance

Hello Tomodachi’s

It is Wednesday yet again and the damn weeks are going so fast! Whew!

Anyway, I will get straight to the point. I wanted to talk about a Facebook post from Buzzfeed I came across a few days ago about comments made by various men about women’s anatomy and menstrual cycle etc. I was floored by the ignorance and stupidity of some of these said ‘men’.

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Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing vs. Hybrid Publishing

Hello Tomodachi’s,

What are you all up to? Me? Well, you know, I am doing almost everything under the sun and still would find time to occasionally put some more things on my already quite filled plate. 😀 I like keeping myself busy, so I do not end up becoming idle.

Anyway, today’s post is about the three types of publishing routes writers can take when they are considering publishing their work.

For new authors, it could be especially overwhelming to decide which route is best for you and your (financial) needs and later figuring out which publishing house fits your current situation. I know it was overwhelming for me. I was so overwhelmed with everything that it took me several weeks of reading and getting to understand the publishing industry and the differents routes I could take before actually publishing my first mini poetry collection, I’m Only Human, in January 2016. However, I had a great urge to publish my work at least 2 years before that.

First I will start off with briefly explaining Traditional Publishing. Traditional Publishing is when a book publishing company buys the rights to an author’s manuscript. That means once the manuscript is sold the author does not really hold any more rights to control what happens to his or her book. The book publishing company can, pretty much, do as they please with the book and make whatever changes they deem necessary to make the book become more profitable. Not to mention this an old (and in my opinion outdated) way of publishing books. The advantage of this type of publishing is that pretty much everything is done for you without you having to raise a single finger.

Self Publishing, on the other hand, is the complete opposite to traditional publishing. That means you do not sell your work to the publisher’s but only pay for them to publish your work and you have full control over what happens to your work as well as being able to keep your author’s rights. I choose this route for my publishing my work because of these very reasons. However, as good as this publishing route may sound (yes, there is always a ‘but’ coming) the disadvantage is that it could end up becoming quite expensive because you have to pay for everything you want to be done to your book including marketing. Many self-published authors have to go through the trouble of marketing their own book which determines if a book becomes successful or not. Now let me tell you marketing is not an easy thing to do. Everything can, in some way or form, be an opportunity to promote your book or work. You just have to find or recognise when those opportunities come. That is what marketing is all about.

And last but not least, Hybrid Publishing is a publishing route that makes use of different blends of publishing and marketing elements. It has a combination of both traditional publishing and self-publishing elements.

I would advise people to think and consider very carefully before going into any of publishing routes. It is not easy as it may seem.