Baby Toucan Book Giveaway

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing this blessed Monday evening? Today I will be sharing with you all a video regarding a book giveaway that I am hosting for my Baby Toucan picture book.

As I mentioned many times on my blog, before and leading up to the publication of my book, this picture book talks about adoption. The first story is told from Mama and Papa Toucan’s perspective and will later be told from Baby Toucan’s perspective as the story continues since this will be a book series of about 7 books. Continue reading

Mom and Dad is still Mom and Dad. Whether ‘real’ or not.

Hello and good evening everyone. How are you all doing? As I can imagine, all of you must know that the 2016 Olympics has already begun where every athlete is giving their all to win. Although, I am not particularly a big fan of the Olympics, I wish all of the athletes the very best in whichever sport they are competing in. Continue reading