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I wonder how many of you know about Saba? I’m guessing maybe a handfull of people may know about Saba. Even though Saba is an entity of the Dutch Kingdom, I’ve met a lot of people who had no idea that Saba even existed or was even part of the Dutch Kingdom. Poor Saba. But everyone knows St. Maarten of Course, lol.

When I told people that I am from the former Netherlands Antilles, from a small island called Saba, the first thoughts that come to most people’s minds are Curacao, Bonaire or Aruba. No! Everyone, Saba does exist and it is my intention to try putting it on the map. It may only be 5 square miles and may seem insignificant to some, but it is a beautiful place to visit. Give Saba a try the next time you decide to travel. We may be small but we have friendly people, beautiful scenery, and also have other good things to offer as well. 😉

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