Happy first of June and here’s another poem!

Hello, my precious followers and new comers, happy 1st of June! The beginning of a new month, and we all know when Junes comes around what it really means. SUMMER!!! Am I right or am I right?!…I cannot believe it is the already the 1st June and also it is half of the year 2015! Time sure does fly. Furthermore, today makes the first month that I started my blog. So, I am quite glad that I even made it to a month. And that is thanks to many of you who follow me and those who continue to come back to read my blog 😀

Friendless 1

Anyway, I would like to share another poem with you all. A poem that I wrote in early December of last year 2014, called ‘Friend…less’, (and published in my I’m Only Human poetry book). When I wrote this poem it was meant to signify that just because you think someone is your friend does not mean they feel the same way about you and support you and want the best for you. Continue reading

Angie’s Inspiration at Work

Yesterday I was over at a friend’s house for the day and wrote my blog post using her computer. This is the picture she took of me while I was busy writing up my post. It is a little out of focus and I look so serious and concentrated… but oh well. Anyway, thank you Solange for the picture 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me on my website and other social media. Continue reading

Favourite Authors and Novels (Part 2)

dreamcatcherHello everyone. Happy weekend, TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Hope everyone’s week was alright and that your weekend will be even better. 🙂

Today I will be writing the second part of my Favourite Authors and Novels posts that I wrote on Tuesday. This time I will be discussing one of my favourite novels which is Dream Catcher written by the infamous horror writer, Steven King. I read that this book was written by Steven King within half a year while he was recovering from a car accident in 1999. I remember reading at the ending of the book that he wrote Dream Catcher under the influence of the medication he was taking at the time. Nonetheless the book may have been a little strange at first read but it was really good and well written. Continue reading

Favourite Authors and Novels (Part 1)

Hallo iedereen! Hoe gaat het met jou? I am doing well, because I am still james_peterson6setalive, breathing, healthy and have my limbs attached. So there are no complaints from me.

Today I would like to write about one of my favourite authors and one of my favourite novels that I enjoyed reading while growing up. As a teenager I used to read a lot of books ( I used to borrow 2 to 3 novels a week from the library) although I may not have been able to remember their names now or even who wrote the books. For some reason I am horrible with remembering names and if I do it is only because I truly forced myself to remember it, lol. Continue reading