Amazing Video

Hello Tomodachi’s,

I am so amazed by this guy’s passionate speech. He is right in everything he says but too often even with the truth staring people straight in the face people refuse to see it and want to see and hear what they want.

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Racism is not “back” it has always been here.

Well, I guess welcome to 2020 where it is cool to be blatantly racist again towards black and brown people! These types of people were always there to begin with but many of them are now getting upset because many places and companies are required to be diverse and so now they are throwing a hissy fit by seeing a few black people modelling. While we black folk have been seeing white faces all day, every day and on every entertainment platform you can imagine. But a couple of black people are used as models and all hell breaks loose. So, now there is suddenly a problem?…

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