All About Me!

Hello, dear friends! As you all may already know, my name is Angie Ignacio. Nice to meet you or as they say in Japanese: Hajime ma shite/ はじめまして! I am originally from the small Dutch island in the Caribbean called Saba. I am 25 years old and attend college in The Netherlands. I am studying Communication Management and currently in my third year. So almost finished, whew!

I like doing a lot of things although there are times that I overwhelm myself as well. So I may sometimes stop myself and slow down which I have been doing for a while now, lol. Some of the things I do is write poetry whenever I am in the inspirational mood or how I like to say “Whenever the mood hits me”. The same goes for my novel writing and song lyrics writing. I need to be in a certain state of mind to achieve all of these things. If I just write without having a purpose for it then it will all be for nought.

I have started trying to write poetry since I was 14 but when I became 17 was when I had the most inspiration I have ever had in my whole life. At 17 I started having my first ideas for writing my first novel which the title is call Starting Over. I started writing more impressive and creative poems and also began writing song lyrics although I have had no experience writing music before. I also started making designs for female clothing and even created a brand name that for them, lol. These were all just hobbies for me, to do something with my time because there was hardly anything to do on Saba because it was so small. Those were just a few of the things I did back when I was 17 and what I am still to this day continuing to do.

I am also interested in Japanese culture such as watching anime and manga as well as many other things. I’ve gotten so into it that I also started to learn the Japanese language about over a year and some months ago, although I still have a very, very, VERY long way to go still.

first Kanji

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