Hi! It’s been a while!

Hey Tomodachi’s!

How are you all? First of all, how have you all been since I disappeared? I do hope well. Because life is too short to be living miserably.

Also, I would like to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth, again. I was trying to take care of myself and get myself together, as we all should strive to do more often. Not to mention, I am still currently in the process of building my massage business and it is not something you can do at the snap of a finger. It can all be quite tedious. Especially when you are doing everything on your own and when you are doing all of this alongside another part time job, while being there for your somewhat handicapped mother. So, yes, I am dealing with some stuff. I was dealing with a lot of these things before but even more so now and also include going to therapy to the mix then that all becomes a handful. I decided to take some time away for myself and mental health then return when I was finally ready and fresh. Today, felt like it was that day. So, I hope that I didn’t make you all wait too long? Did you miss my blog writing and the content I write? I do hope so.

Anyway, my business is doing pretty well. I plan to move from my current business location by the end of the month. Not to mention, my therapy sessions are also going pretty smoothly. I have come to realize that I have a lot of unresolved trauma that I have never dealt with nor had the chance to explore with anyone. Most of my life I have kept my traumatic experiences to myself. I even thought I had gotten over many of them until I recently realized I actually had not once I started opening up and talking about them. Talking about your own traumatic experiences is absolutely not an easy thing to do but I am doing all of this so I can heal and get past it. I do not want to see myself 10 years from now or building a potential family without having dealt with it and having it trigger and affect me in the future. So yeah, that is my story for today.

I can imagine a lot of you out there reading my blog today must have also experienced some form of trauma that you have not spoken about to anyone. Are you doing anything about? Or do you have any future plans of doing something about it? Or have you already dealt with it and it is still a long process for you?

4 thoughts on “Hi! It’s been a while!

  1. Hey, Angie! Welcome back! Yes, I did miss your writing! You provide a much needed human dimension to all the mess going on in the world. We need to remember that we’re still real people, with real issues and problems that we have to deal with.
    Funny you writing about personal trauma today. Well, not funny, but perhaps timely, because it reminded me of why I write my stories. Writing is therapeutic for me. And like you said, it’s an ongoing process. Even though much of my writing is fictional, still, there’s a lot of me, of who I am and how I became as I am. I suspect that’s true of many writers, both successful and struggling.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to continuing to read your wonderful blog!



    • Thank you so much for your reply, Don. I am always glad to read your replies. And you are right that writing I can be very therapeutic for writer, especially those who could possibly have traumatic experiences. It is a really good form of therapy. Of course, if it being done because of the love of writing and not being forced to do it. By the way, how are you doing?


      • Heath-wise, I seem to be improving, but it’s a slow process. My writing has taken an interesting turn. One of the stories I’m working on has branched out to become two, and the two together have decided they’re going to be the continuation of my second novel, taking the overall story into the future. So far, the end point seems to be my third novel, so these two, and at least one other, are turning the whole thing into sort of a “future history” series. Funny how writing seems to develop a life of its own like that.

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      • I bet. Writing takes on a life of it’s own in so many ways. Great to hear that your writing is going well and that your health is improving, although slowly. Slow and steady wins the race after all. Take good care of yourself. My writing has kind of taken a back seat for the time being because I have a few things on my plate that I don’t want want to pressure myself to write and want it to all come naturally. But at the moment my mind if filled with so many other things and I have mostly been using my writing for business purposes. But I have written a few things now and again. Just need to clear up my mind a bit before I fully go back to it.


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