What is wrong with just calling them children?

Hey Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing today? I just saw a post about Sandra Bullock, the actress, talking about the way people address adopted children and their families. And all I have to say is “Amen, hallelujah!” I am so happy to see someone say it. Especially someone in a high and influential position because in more cases then not people would be willing to listen to a celebrity or someone who is wealthy or in a high and influential position then a nobody like me or the rest of us regular mortals.

Just last week I was reading another post about Gabriella Union and I was so amazed by people getting upset that she considered her two kids her children and kept saying she only had one child. As if her marrying her husband does not matter and does not make them family because she is not related to her husbands kid by blood. Reading those comments made my blood boil because it forced me to think and remember my own childhood and how people kept stressing on the point that I was adopted and not really my parents daughter.

As an adopted child, I have always hated when I was younger and whenever people would ask me about how my parents were doing they would always say “How are your [adopted] parents doing?”. Or when they were talking to my parents about me right in front of me they would always make sure to include “adopted daughter” in their sentence and this kind of thing irked me to no end. I hated them saying that with a passion! We are a not an “adopted family”! We are a FAMILY. They are/were not just my “adopted parents”. They were my PARENTS and I am Their DAUGHTER. End of story!

Of course, as I got older I started speaking up about my distaste and dislike in them saying those things; and of course, me showing my displeasure in what they were saying was seen as rude but they themselves did not seem to understand that they were themselves were being rude to me. Now, that I have become an adult there are very, VERY few people instances that this still occurs but few and far between. And I do make sure to put stress on the words “my parents”, ” my father” or “my mother” just to try to drive the point home.

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