Another burst of inspiration

Hello Tomodachi’s,

It has been AGES since I wrote anything on my blog. I apologise for dropping off the grid and resurfacing once again like nothing even happened.

Life just happens sometimes. You all know how that goes. I have been somewhat busy with doing my own thing: working at my part-time job; trying to better establish my massage business and get more clients; as well as helping and following the whims of my one remaining parent. After a while it gets a bit overwhelming. I needed some much needed time away to gather my thoughts. Then the last few days I was thinking about possible making a post but at the same time I did not know what to write about.

These days I am commenting a lot on Facebook articles and posts and so I was writing a not so nice comment to someone when suddenly without warning I got inspired. I was responding to their comment on a historical post about undiscovered letters slaves wrote to their slave owners way back when. The commenter under that post was basically being defensive and talked about how Africans sold their own to Europeans to be made as slaves and while I was responding to him this quote came to mind.

“Just because you get handed a loaded gun does not mean you HAVE to shoot it.”

It is the equivalent of “Just because you can does not mean you should”. Essentially meaning just because the slave owners were in some cases being given slaves does not mean they HAD to take them and make them slaves. They did what they did because they wanted to.

Anyway, I added this at the end of my comment and decided to make it into a quote because it sounded like a really good analogy that anyone would be able to comprehend, don’t you think? What do you think about my quote? Do you agree with it or do you think it needs some work? Let me know.

If you want to check out this Quote on Writco by Angie’s Inspiration go to the link below

4 thoughts on “Another burst of inspiration

  1. Hi, Angie! Glad to see you back here!

    Interesting blog, as usual. I very much agree with you, though I would see your specific example of being handed a gun in the context of that very action.
    As someone who has owned a gun, and been trained by the military in the correct use and care of firearms, I’ve come to understand that these weapons should only be used in two circumstances. One is training, and the other is in defense of self and others. So yes, just having a gun in one’s hands, whether it’s given to you or you own it, is not sufficient reason to use it, especially when there is no immediate need to do so.
    On a different level, you’ve posed an apt analogy of choices we face in life. (I suspect that was your intent here.) The use of a life and death choice is apropos, in that often we face choices that do, in fact, affect other people besides ourselves, and must, in good conscience, take that into account.
    On a different note, seeing you back here again had inspired me to write another blog post myself, one that I’ve been procrastinating about for months, on how people respond in their minds and expression to music lyrics. I’ve been watching Youtube videos of people reacting to old songs they’ve never heard before. It’s fascinating how people miss the meanings inherent in songs, partly from apparently not listening deeply, or not recognizing the messages embedded in the music.
    Anyway, good to have you back on the blogosphere, my friend!

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    • Hi Don! Thank you, as always, for your comments on my blog. I can always depend on you to make a comment and allowing me to hear your opinions and thoughts. And your analysis of my analogy was pretty spot on but my thoughts didn’t go that deeply I am ashamed to say šŸ˜…. And people do miss a lot of the meaning from old songs because they are so used to a lot of modern songs that say exactly what they mean without making it sound fancy and complex , I think. I grew up listening to a lot of oldie goldies so I am aware, for the most part, of the meaning the songs are trying to convey.
      And thank you for welcoming me back. And sorry, it took me so long to get back to you.

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      • It’s much worse than that on the music front, Angie. The other day I saw a video of a woman reacting to the Kenny Rogers’ song, “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town”. I don’t know if you’ve heard it or not, but it’s about a paralyzed Vietnam veteran whose wife is running around on him. Two lines in the first verse are,
        “And yes, it’s true that I’m not the man I used to be.
        Oh Ruby, I still need some company.”
        And the last verse has these lines:
        “And if I could move, I’d get my gun
        And put her in the ground.”
        The problem I see is this woman called it an upbeat song.
        So… Pretty straight forward, and she still didn’t get it. How could anyone consider that upbeat?


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      • You are right. There are some people that go off only by the music and not what is actually being said in the song. Even if the lyrics are far from ideal or are bad as long as the music sounds upbeat and good to their ears some people today don’t pay much attention to the lyrics.

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