We have made it to the end of 2020

Hello Tomodachi’s

How are you all doing this windy and and stormy day? Windy and stormy? Yes, windy and stormy! On this last day of 2020 in this part of the world, 2020 has decided it will be leaving with a bang just as it came. I did not expect any less of 2020 considering the way she was this entire year. Let us just hope that it is not the prequel of 2021. Or else I would be really upset.

If I had to choose a word or phrase to describe 2020 and how I have experienced it it would be “sonavabitch”. Even though it was not ABSOLUTELY horrible to me but it was still a sonavabitch. And I am not really talking about the Corona. Although that has also affected the way we travel. Anyways, not only did I lose my beloved father in May but just a few days ago 2020 decided to also take my sweetheart of a dog with her, too. Though 2020 may not have been as bad for me as it must have hit a lot of other people, especially with regards to the pandemic but it was still a bitch for taking two important things away from me.

So, all I can say right now to 2020 is “Screw You”! And ” You will not be missed!”. So let us say good bye to 2020 but at the same time let us hope it does not pull any more stunts before she departs. And let us also hope 2021 will know and do better. Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone! Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year! Hopefully…

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