Happy Saba Day!

Hello tomodachi’s

How is everyone doing? If you can tell by the title of this post today is Saba Day and it is one of the few reasons to celebrate today. And my way of celebrating my island’s day is doing what I do best and that is, of course, writing poetry.

Hope is a Miraculous Thing

The sun rises and sets everyday,
An unbroken cycle of hope,
An awakening of expectations
That sometimes make it seem
Like it is all some kind of a joke.

Even as it may,
Exploring unknown places
With eyes wide open and clear
And plunging and swaying into the
Murky abyss of the unexpected
It is something to look forward to.

Though the sun rises and sets everyday,
We are never really promised a tomorrow
But does that really matter?
Even if tomorrow is never promised
Does that mean we should not dream and have unyielding hope in our hearts?

As long as the sun continues to rise
High and bright in the blue sky
We can continue to live and have hope.
This unbroken cycle of hope
Holds the very fabric to our very existence.

As long as we can continue to have hope
We can continue to move forward
And live our lives to the best of our ability
In search of what makes us most happy.

© Angie Ignacio

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