How the west continues to rape Africa of her resources

Hey Tomodachi’s,

I was looking through Facebook memories of posts I have posted years ago and I came across this TedTalks where a woman was talking about her country, Africa and I just had to repost it again on my Facebook page.

Africa is such a beautiful place. It has so much resources that the west want and it is not poor and hopeless as the west makes it out to be. However, you will never see that in the news and media. They want you to continue believing and thinking that Africa is poor and needs help from the west when, in fact, the west is the ones who need Africa for her resources and minerals.

That’s why I get so infuriated and annoyed when I see charity groups [such as UNICEF and UN World Food Programs etc.] talk about how “poor Africa” is and how “Africa needs your help”. These are mostly faulty narratives and filled with half truths and lies created by the west media in order to make people believe that the west is “helping” Africa when, in fact, they are the ones raping and looting the continent and its people of their resources and money. Africa is not “poor” just because. Africa, and many countries like Africa, has and continues to be over-exploited by the west. The poverty narrative that the west loves to spew could be further from the truth and just makes the west seem like a “hero” saving Africa from itself when it is not. After colonising and destabilising the economy with their pillaging they want to play the “hero” helping Africa. Of course, every country has some form of poverty in it despite if people want to believe it or not.

It is very funny that there is poverty all over the world as well as in the west but you will never see the west talking about themselves as being poor. I have been to a few of these countries and I have seen how people are begging for food on the streets or people without homes living on the streets in these “wealthy western countries”. Additionally, the way people and the media talk about Africa and West is strikingly different. “The west has poverty? No way!” However, many people will not hesitate in thinking that Africa is poor when, in fact, it is very wealthy and has most of the resources to build and power all the technology we use in our daily lives. Not to mention, Africa is the continent where the west and many other countries get its diamonds, gold and other minerals from. So, how is it still possible that it is still “poor”.

The media is such a powerful tool and dictates what many people think about and it is also what many people rely on for information. So if the majority of tv and news etc. say and show that Africa is poor then, of course, many people will start to believe it is indeed poor. There are some African countries that are as advanced, or even more so, than some western countries but you never hear about these countries and the worldly contributions they have made. People only get shown the bad and poor side of Africa. When some people think of Africa they think of it as a country instead of the continent that it is. Some think that African people only live in huts and are half naked all the time; that there are only savannahs and jungles with wild animals roaming around. Africa has more to offer than just that narrowminded view!

Also, before people start talking about the “African leaders” like some people love to do to deflect away from the conversation, well, of course, the leaders are going to be corrupt if the west has already destabilised these countries and are able to manipulate these countries at some extent. How many good African leaders have we seen get labelled as terrorists and such and killed off by the instigation and manipulation of the west and their media. The west’s job is to get most people within and outside the country to distrust these leaders. By the time they finish painting a bad and terroristic picture of them to get them out of leadership they prepare and put their own dummy leader to replace that leader.

Of course, there will be some people who will claim that I am talking nonsense and am only spreading “conspiracy theories” but how many conspiracy theories were later proven true? How many more has yet to be proven true? This is why it is important to read up on history. When I say history I mean the real history depicting all the horrors and terrors and how all of these things have affected countries [or continents] economically and culturally for many years. People should really consider the cause and affect certain situations have on people and their nation instead of just blindly believing what the media claims. I also believe that this should all be thought in schools as well. Not the whitewashed or watered down version of history. However, there are too many people who prefer the way things are right now and they would rather not educate themselves. That is when their cognitive dissonance comes into play. People like to think that a lot of corruption only happens in Africa or other poor brown countries as they cover their eyes and ears of the corruption happening right in their own backyard and around them.

It is a shame how lies become truths and truths has become lies in this society.

One thought on “How the west continues to rape Africa of her resources

  1. Indeed, Angie. I have another friend living in the Netherlands, who is originally from the one of the Congo countries. He told me about how neighboring countries are stealing certain resources from his old home to sell to American and multinational corporations for use in making computer chips, and neither the international community nor any single country is doing anything about it.

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