Racism in the Netherlands? Oh nooo! What a surprise…

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How is everyone? We are around that time of the year where Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is getting giddy and excited about Christmas. Well, in the case of the Dutch they are getting ready to first celebrate Zwarte Piet. And what do you know? There is actually racism in the Netherlands even though they try really hard to portray themselves as tolerant. But what do you know, they really were not tolerant at all especially when it came to their racist tradition.

I came across a post om Facebook about racists hooligans attacking peaceful protestors who were protesting against the Zwarte Piet parade? Who would have thought? I thought it was only a traditional festival for kids?

Some time ago I spoke to someone about this very subject and even though I respectfully disagreed with them they were practically foaming at the mouth when I did not agree with what they said. They even went and lied about certain things about what I said and how I acted to someone we knew practically putting the blame on me but whatever. I do not have the time or patience to entertain such immature and ignorant people.

My only question is: is this really what their “kinder feestjes” and “Dutch Traditions” looks like? Because in my opinion, the ones who seem to be the most angry about people protesting their racist tradition is, not the children, but the adults. I wonder why is that? Would someone become so violent and rude to people who are peacefully protesting? The Dutch boast and claim to be such understanding, civilized and tolerant people but do such people act like this? Many Dutch people I have met laugh and mock many Americans for the very same thing and behaviour but they seem to be no different themselves. At least, when it comes to Zwarte Piet.

This is such a crying shame and disgraceful. People would claim that Trump is the reason for the rise in racism but I disagree. Racism was always there in plain sight but many people avoided it or tried to allude themselves and others into believing that racism was all over or all in a person head when it was not. This is what happens when you try to ignore a problem and pretend that it is not there. It will fester and when it is finally let out it leaves you with a mess and a gaping hole.

I am not saying the whole of the Netherlands is racist but there is enough of them for it to be a problem. And more and more racists seem to be coming out more often before and during Sinterklas and they are getting bolder with their actions then they were before.

What are some of your thoughts on this?

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