My inspiration is flowing in

Hi Tomodachi’s

I guess this last week has been quite the poetic week for me. I am glad that I am getting inspiration to write now because I was starting to think I somehow lost my inspiration and motivation to write. But I guess not quite.

Remarkable is the Endless Time

Remarkable was the day of your birth, Remarkable was your childhood,
And all the years that followed by, Remember your journey one last time, Before you close your eyes,

Remarkable is the endless time,

And that time waits on no man,
Yes, slowly but surely t’is is how time goes,
With each passing tick of the clock,
T’is is how life flows,

Remarkable is the unforeseen tomorrow,

And a tomorrow we don’t know where we’ll stand,
But even up until that point I’ll still try to hold your hand,
So remember all of the remarkable times,
But also remember the sad times too,
Because before we know what will happen,
Life will be gone too soon.
© Angie Ignacio

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