Some Poetry After a Haitus

Hi Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing these days with regards to the pandemic, the elections, life in general? I hope that life is good to you wherever you are in this world. Enjoy the big things in life as well as the little things that come along and make you smile because they are just as important.

Today, I guess, I was in a bit of a writing mood and have done some poetry writing which I have not done in quite some time. Maybe today might be a good day…

The Dilemma of Life

A twisted road,
A rebellious journey,
A challenging code,
Towards life’s tourney

Unable to forgive,
And unable to forget,
Sometimes we are expected to give,
But sometimes we may not get it back,

Life’s a mysterious thing,
We will never truly understand,
All we can do is pray, laugh and sing,
And hope to the end we can still stand.

© Angie Ignacio

Check out this poem and other writing related works from Angie’s Inspiration on Writco by

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