Who really gets to decide which foods are disgusting and which foods are not?

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all today? I came across a post on a Facebook group and although I already shared my thoughts on it on my Angie’s Inspiration Facebook page a while ago I wanted to post a bit more about it on my blog.

I think it is very funny how some people may react with disgust when comes to certain food if it comes from a certain place or area but are totally accepting of it and it suddenly becomes “fancy” when it comes from somewhere else.

Take, for example, the way some people think about and treat Asian food, especially Chinese food. I can imagine many of us have all heard people talking smack about how “Asians eat dogs and bats” and how “Asians eat everything”. In the beginning stages of the Coronavirus people were blaming the Chinese for “eating bats” etc. and was claiming this was the reason why we now have this pandemic. It was obviously all nonsense because there was no proof of it. Even when more evidence came out disproving that claim people did not care and still continued with the misinformation. However, many of these very same people will not bat an eye about people eating snails; foie grass (geese that are force-fed for weeks to the point where their limbs become too heavy and fat for their bodies that their limbs may sometimes fall off because of the weight); or this disgusting thing in the picture posted below.

It is really annoying how everything becomes exquisite and a delicacy if the French, Europeans or Americans do it but disgusting when another culture does it. These foods are considered a delicacy, “fancy” and sought after and so forth but as soon as something like these dishes were to come out of Asia or Africa people would be so quick to turn up their noses and call it disgusting. I have always wondered why that is the case? These sorts of things disgust me and always make me dislike people because of their plain as day biases. Though they would swear up and down that they are not racist or at the very least biased. It disgusts me to see how French, American and many European cuisines have become the norm, the standard and are usually used as a marker of distinguishing between “good food” when comparing dishes from various cultures. When it comes to “foreign” cuisine they for some reason always get looked down on. Even though many “foreign” cuisines are much tastier they are in many cases considered not good enough when compared to cuisine coming out from countries or regions with a white majority. I would prefer eating Asian cuisine and other “foreign” cuisines any day instead of any of the nonsense I listed above.

Also, take for example the way we think about eating with your hands. In the “west” we have “finger foods” that we only or mostly eat with our hands and it is considered perfectly fine by many. Think hamburgers, fries, chicken wings etc. However, whenever it is a “foreign” place that it is common practice to eat certain dishes with your fingers it is only then suddenly considered unhygeinic and disgusting to eat with your hands. Again, why is that? For many of us, these biases are so ingrained in us that many times we do not realise what we are doing. Or maybe we do realise but because we are so used to the norm of eating and praising western dishes that we don’t think twice about it.

To be honest, I have become so exhausted and annoyed with these types of people and their biases but as I mentioned before, they will refuse to acknowledge that they have any biases and turn it around on you and claim that you are the problem. It is in the same way racists now enjoy turning it around on people pointing out their obvious racism and bais as them being racist.

Humans can be so exhausting sometimes… I am so tired of this world sometimes.

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