Walking home alone

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing this nice Monday afternoon? Here is another creative writing prompt I had written two days ago on the same writing app, Writco, I have been writing about a lot lately. Hope you all enjoy it and if you have the time let me know your thoughts. Have a great day.

A wet leaf fell on her shoulder making her jump in fear. Startled she shifted from her hiding place behind the bush. She only hid behind the bush because she thought that someone was following her.

She was walking home from a wild house party she enjoyed with her close friends when she decided that it was about time for her to return home because her home was not that far away. Though it was dark and eerie she was not afraid to walk home alone because she walked home so many times in her 20 years of life that she had thought she had nothing to fear from simply walking home.  However, from the very moment she left her friends at the house party, because she had college classes to attend to the next day, she felt a strange sort of feeling arise within her. The entire time she was walking in the direction of her home she could feel eyes on the back of her neck which frightened and upset her immensely. This was the very first time she ever walked home alone and felt like something was off. She had never felt this sort of strange and unsettling feeling before.

She walked a couple more paces before she decided to take action. The idea had just came to her in that split second of unease. She thought that if she made a run for it as quickly as she could and hid behind a bush she would be able to catch the culprit that was tailing her red handed. However, instead she was frightened out of her wits by the falling of a mere leaf on her shoulder. She, in the end, was not able to catch anyone but she just had this gut feeling that someone had been following her and could not shake that feeling off. She then began to doubt herself and the uncomfortable feeling she was experiencing. Was what she thought she felt real or was it just a figment of her imagination because of her somewhat intoxicated brain from all of that partying she did earlier?

Then another thought came to mind and she thought about what she would have done if someone was really following her? What would she have done if she did catch the person following her red handed? With her intoxicated mind she did not think any further than catching the person. She did not think beyond that point. She later realised how impulsive and foolish her idea was, in the first place, thinking that she could protect herself in her current state of mind.

Moreover, WHY would someone want to follow someone like her? She was not really attractive. She was not rich. Nor was she famous. When she thought in this manner she really did feel pathetic for thinking that someone would follow her because she was an absolute nobody and had nothing to offer. They would gain nothing from following her. So there was no need for anyone to follow her around which was very flawed thinking on her part. Not realising that her instincts were right all along and that someone was calmly staring at her climb out from her hiding spot behind the bush and watched her every movement as she did so. She would later come to regret not trusting her instincts at that moment and brushing it off as a mere figment of her imagination.

© Angie Ignacio


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