Happy Family

Hello Tomodachi’s

How are you all today? I am doing okay. I just made another creative writing on the writing app Writco that I mentioned before on my blog post about a week and a half ago and wanted to share it with you all. That is all. Enjoy!

Write a short story using at least three from the five prompts given:
An empty suitcase full of memories.
The messages added salt to wounds.
The car accelerated before the signal turned green.
A wardrobe full of clothes that still had their tags on.
A dust free bookcase could hide a lot of lies.

◇ As Angel stared at an empty suitcase full of memories he also started at the array of pictures he carefully placed on the floor next to that suitcase. These pictures painted a beautiful picture of a happy family gathered together with everyone smiling brightly and having fun but the reality of the matter was that it actually was not so. Angel saw and knew all too well about the fraud of a happy life painted in these pictures that he ended up staring at these jubilant looking pictures with the look of disgust clearly written on his face and hatred planted in his heart.

Just like a dust free bookcase could hide a lot of lies, so too could a picture. They say that a picture tell a thousand words but it could also it paint a thousand lies. Only the actors behind these pictures could tell you the truth. However, most of these actors refused to utter a single word of their true reality. They wanted to continue to paint these happy pictures of a joyful family that did not even really exist. For it would destroy the very world they worked so hard to create. They might not have control over their own fates and living conditions but at least they could control how they are perceived by others. And to do so they had to continue acting. Himself included.

He had a wardrobe full of clothes that still had their tags on because though he was one of those actors that refused to let the outside world know of his circumstancet least he would not wear the clothing given to him from the very people he despised. ◇

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