Here is a poem after such a long haitus

Hey Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing today? Some of you, I can imagine, are not doing all too great when taking into account what has been happening these last few weeks with police britalising and murdering another black person and people once again taking to the streets to protest.

Anyway, that is another post for another time. I wanted was to share a poem/story that I had written on a writing app earlier today. This is the second poem I have written since the passing of my father who died from failing health. And, in my opinion, this is the first “decent” poem I have written in a long time. I have not written any poems in such a long time that I cannot remember the last time I posted a poem on my blog. I joined this writing app, Writeco, a couple months ago because I thought it would be something that would help to get me back into an inspirational and writing mood that I have not experienced in a long time. I was right. It has given me some inspiration to write with all the poem and story challenges they put out on their app. As well as giving writers opportunities to interact with other creative writers and view their work.

Anyway, without further ado this is the poem/story I wrote for the story challenge hashtaged #coronavirus in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Corona Has Brought Out Our Truth

Social isolation had forced an eerie silence upon them. While fear haunted their existence, one question was at the forefront.
When was this going to end?

Though fear clung to them and haunted their very existence. All they wanted was out. All they thought about was freedom. Everyone has had that dream at least once. That dream of not having to go to work. Or not having to go outside. If you say you’ve never had that dream not a single instant in your life. Then you are a liar!

People have always dreamt of staying at home all day. Not having to worry about doing anything but laying around and sleeping.
Dreaming and laying around aimlessly.
However, when that dream becomes a reality… People become impatient.
They become angry.
They become sad .
They become hungry.
Ferociously hungry for freedom.

And then they later ask themselves did they really have true freedom in the first place?
Then they realise “Ahh! We’ve never had true freedom to begin with.”
But at this point, they no longer care.
Because a little bit of freedom is better than no freedom at all.

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