I no longer trust nor believe in charity organisations anymore

Hello Tomodachi’s,

What are your thoughts on charity organisations? I came across this sponsored Facebook Ad from the World Food Programme and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

First of all, the featured image on these types of videos always tend to show a ‘poor’ and dirty looking black child which always annoys the heck out of me every time charity organisations do this. They always try to paint black and brown people or black and brown majority countries as poor, uneducated and helpless. Or when they only show black and brown people as poor when I know for a damn fact that there are white or white-passing children and families who are dirt broke poor but you never, ever see these types of images and white people being portrayed in this manner. They only want and love portraying majority black countries like this especially Africa even though Africa has so many countries and all of them are not poor. However, some people do not even know that Africa is not a country but a continent. There are African countries that are wealthy and clean and educated and not poor but these damn charity organisations never show the positive and good parts of Africa and other black nations.

The second thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the comment section and how people were being so direspectful and also saying things like not to have children just because someone is poor. It irked me so much how out of touch with reality some of these commenters seemed to be.

Knowledge can be the key to solving some of these countries who suffer from poverty and similar issues. Do people not remember the saying of teaching a man how to fish and he would never go hungry. But a lot of these organisations do not try to teach and educate so that these countries can get out of poverty. They just pretend to help. Basically putting a plaster on the problem and not actively doing enough for these countries to be self-reliant. After all, these charity organisations make some good money by claiming that they are helping the poor when they also take a piece out of what is given to them. Like the religious charity president that made over $600,000 in the year 2018. What is a president doing making that kind of money? So that is why I do not take these organisations seriously anymore.

Many of these places do not have proper sexual education or borth conrtols avaialbe to them. Telling someone to not have kids will not magically make them want to stop reproducing like so many of these comments are implying which is stupid. Even in western countries have you ever seen people stop having sex just because they were told to abstain from sex? No! They still have sex and there are still teen pregnancies. However if they are taught proper sexual education and provided contraceptives that would go a long way to helping them instead of just telling them not to have sex and just giving them food. Some of these comments disgusted me so much. There are some really ignorant people but yet they think they are so knowledgable just because they know one or two things about a situation. However many of them do not seem to know how to apply the information that they have or how to critical think and quesion why certain situation happen for certain countries and not another. That is if they even really, trulely care to know and not just wanting to spout their non sensical opinions.

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